Birthday Ears **updated**

August is a big month in our house.
Big Sister made her grand entrance
Two years later, much to the chagrin of the those placing bets- Little Sister failed to solidify the family Tri-fecta and waited until  to forge her way into the world.
None the less, a busy week in our household with three birthdays within three days.
Last year we took advantage of the ‘free on your birthday’ campaign Disney so graciously offered and headed south to Disneyland to celebrate in style-free of charge (thanks to Mommy’s amazing Aunt who hooked us up with a pass to cover Mommy’s entrance fee).

No way was I going to let these birthday girls celebrate without flare, so I fashioned birthday hat accessories for their existing Mickey Ears.

These little cuties were the talk of the town that day! Even Cinderella herself commented on how lovely their hats were and how much Aurora would love the pink color if she were there!

This year we are headed back down to celebrate another year.
The birthday hats were long since removed from their ears, but still available to swap out digits if need be.
In true crazy Mommy form, I created brand new ones. (I have big plans for last year’s models).
Last night around midnight the glitter lay drying and despite poor lighting I had to take a photo.When dawn broke and glue and glitter were dry, Little Sister’s ears made it outside for a short photo shoot. (Big Sister wouldn’t take hers off!)After making two half moons (one for each hat) with my stiff felt ($.49 clearance at Michael’s), I stretched the pink polka dot fabric over each cone, hot glued in place. Then hot glued white fuzz around the base and top. Cut a 2 and 4 out of black stiff felt, filled the center of each with fuchsia glitter glue. Then waited for everything to dry and attached with hot glue to the top of their Ears.

I loved last year’s, but these new party hats really take the cake (pun intended)
Which do you prefer?

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