Lemon Curtains **updated**

A while back I found this fabulous fabric.
I knew I was in love, but wasn’t sure what to do with it.
Well, I started by recovering my dining room chairs (sorry friends, another post all together).
Then, as we were unpacking, I happened upon a huge bag of ball fringe and rick rack my best friend in Georgia, Shop Gal, sent me over a year ago.
Over 25 yards of gorgeous, big, black ball fringe.
An idea began to take shape.Curtains for my laundry room! I knew I wanted tall panels since we have 10 foot ceilings. I know-fabulous, airy 10 ft ceilings!I started by sewing 2 large panels of the lemon fabric, then 2 smaller panels (2 ft I think) of a coordinating yellow fabric. All 4 panels are lined with thin, white, muslin.

All along I intended to run the fabulous black ball fringe on the inside edge, but wasn’t sure what to do where the fabrics would come together.
Then I remembered I had this amazing olive and white striped ribbon from Stampin Up!
PERFECT!I sewed a small yellow panel to a large lemon panel, rather sloppily…then used black thread to sew my perfect ribbon, gathering and tucking as I went to create a super cutie ribbon ruffle.


Finally, I finished off the panels with a black zigzag stitch just for fun around the three sides that didn’t have fabulous ball fringe…aka top, outside edge, and bottom.

They puddle nicely at the bottom, too…just enough, don’t you think?
Did I mention I hung them on an extra long, pewter colored shower curtain rod using $5 pewter colored curtain ring clippies? First time I’ve used the clippies instead of making a pocket for the rod at the top of the panel. I must say, so much more fun!
So, why did I need fabulous, gorgeous, incredible lemon panels in my laundry room?
Stay tuned.

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