Ribbon Ruffle

First of all, I’m pretty sure I did not create the idea of a ribbon ruffle.
Surely I found it on one of the bajillion insanely creative blogs I frequent or stumble upon.
There is no way something this incredibly easy and super cutie came straight out of my brain…none the less…here it is.
When I was in GA a few months back, ShopGal was working on her master bedroom (hence the inspiration to finally tackle my own) She already has super cool furniture, awesome bedding, fantastic thrift store decor finds…great bones to work with. Of course I have no pictures.
Yes, I am a loooooser. What do you want?
She came up with this brilliant idea to do their monogram on the wall above the bed using the kraft colored paper mache letters. Before I arrived, her hubby spray painted the letters of their first names a blue color and their family initial chocolate brown-probably my favorite base color for everything! Yeah for helping husbands, boo for um, less than perfect jobs? He really did a super job, but we had some drips to cover- enter ribbon ruffle.
While watching Mama Mia one night, we plugged in her new hot glue gun (I bought it while I was there- can you believe she didn’t have a hot glue gun? I KNOW- what friend of mine doesn’t own a hot glue gun? Just kidding. She thought this new purchase was coming home with me- HA $2.47 well spent at the Wally world!) and I got to work creating a chocolate brown ribbon ruffle straight down the long part of her initial (hint- ShopGal is not her real name)
When I finished we were both in love!
She started creating these super funky flowers to sell in her shop called Eclectic Blooms made from scraps of all different fabrics and buttons cut into crazy flower shapes and sewn in stacks. Hows that for a terrible description? They are awesome! (I have like 9!) Of course, she had several on hand to add to the fabulousness of her monogram (and ribbon ruffle) and in no time we were pounding nails into the wall to get those bad boys hung!
Remember- I forgot to take pictures. Duh, me.
Now comes the fun part.
I’m making my own fabulous monogram. Well, likely not as fabulous as hers. Let’s face it- a copy is rarely quite as good as the original.
That being said, it’s super easy and simple but I thought you might like a quick tutorial on my ribbon ruffle.
Start with something fun you want to sass up and your favorite ribbon- or something that will work for your project.I spray painted a giant cardboard S brown and grabbed a spool of chocolate striped ribbon from Stampin Up. This tutorial starts in the middle of the project. to begin. take the end of your ribbon, lay a bead of hot glue horizontally and tack your ribbon wrong side down- kind of like you are creating a seam so the cut edge doesn’t show.
Are you confused yet?
OK- lay a horizontal bead of hot glue

Gather the dangly part of your ribbon and make a loop up, then press it down onto the hot glue (yes this picture is blurry- sorry)

Lay another bead of hot glue vertically on one side of your ruffle- you can also do the bead in the middle, but I prefer the side for this project.

Press your ribbon down onto the vertical bead leaving some fullness in your loop.

Then lay another horizontal bead on top of your ribbon where your vertical bead ended and create another loop.
When you are finished going all the way around…or down your project, gather up all the spider webby hot glue mess and pull it off your project.
Stand back and admire your super fun ruffle.

I used this same method, only with a center tack down and sewing rather than hot glueing to create the ribbon ruffle on my lemon curtains.

Actually, he olive and striped ribbon in these curtains is what reminded me I had the chocolate and white in my stash and gave me the idea for this project.
I used the hot glue method on this name plaque I made for a friend’s nursery.

Apparently I only managed to snap a cell picture in my craft room in the middle of the night- sorry about the poor color and quality. This one was intended to be a little less structured so I squiggled it a bit. I think I like it. You might have to click to see the picture larger to really understand what I mean.
Happy Ruffling!

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