Followers Giveaway!

I promised, you delivered- now it’s time to hold up my end of the bargain!
Remember back in November when I promised a few giveaways-
one when my little blog had 30 followers (we had 18 at the time)
another when we had 10,000 hits (we passed 7,000 at the time).Well here we are 37 followers and 13,600 hits in 5 months!!!
Now to the goods-
Remember the fabulous, mustard, ruffled scarf from last week’s WIWW?

You all seemed to love it as much as I do….so I called up ShopGal at Eclectic Elegance and ordered one for YOU!

Shopgal wanted you to have more- so she threw in three of her amazing Eclectic Blooms!

I know- AMAZING! I wanted to keep them for myself.

Wanna win the scarf and blooms?

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