The Old Rugged Cross

We’ve all seen the super fun specimen art floating around blogland.
You know- cool art like this creepy art.or this fun St Patty’s day piece from Flamingo Toes

I decided to give it a shot, Easter style.

The plan was to go very rustic- rough edges everywhere

and all fabric

Linen seemed like the natural choice for easy fraying.

I wrapped my frame in the linen fabric, then used hot glue to adhere the tattered art piece.

The words are hand stitched- I’m no counted cross stitcher- so this was a little tricky.
Can anybody say carpel tunnel?

Each cross is slightly different and all distressed and rugged

because let’s face it

Jesus didn’t die to save each one of us on a perfect, smooth cross like the ones we hang on our walls,

or follow to the places we worship.

It’s easy to get caught up in the eggs and bunnies.
This Easter- we are reminding our girls the ‘reason for the season’.
He IS Risen.
Thank God for the Old Rugged Cross.

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