What I Wore…Sunday?

This week when we got home from church Breadwinner asked me,

“So, is this like a What I Wore Sunday thing on your blog now?”

For the past two weeks, the only time I managed to photograph an outfit was Sunday after church.
It’s Summer, for another few days anyway, and we’ve done our best to enjoy it.
Lazy pool days, visits with friends, catch up on laundry days…you don’t really want to see what I wear these days. It’s not usually very impressive.

So it has become, What I Wore Sunday or What I Wore When I Actually Got Out of the House to do More Than Drive My Girls to Swim Class or Grocery Shop.

Either way, school starts back next week for Madison-1st grade and our first go at public school.
Lots of things are changing at our house.
Hopefully that means more cute outfits and more scheduled blogging.
For now- the past two Sundays…

It’s been several months since I wore this skirt. I have it in white, too.

Sometimes you just need a little ruffle in your day.

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