The Perfect Room-for a Little One

You’d be hard pressed to find a more incredible nursery in a magazine.

I was blown away.
Last weekend, I got to hang out with Fashionista.

She is 5 weeks away from learning- when people want to hang out with you- it’s not really ‘you’ they want anymore- it’s what’s in this sweet belly.

Now in my case, not entirely true. We rarely get to see each other anymore, so some Fashionista time sans my girls was just perfect. Secretly, but really quite publicly, I was going down to see Little Mr Breck’s *so close to finished* nursery-a little girl time was a nice perk. 😉

Let me prep you- Fashionista has an eye. An eye for the perfect thing to make a room….well, perfect! Her mom is an interior designer and offered up her talents to make her very first grandchild’s nursery heavenly. Wow is all I can say.
Ready for a tour?
When you first walk in- this is what you seeI know, right?!
Fashionista’s mom- aka -soon to be Mimi refinished the previously knotty pine armoire and together she and Fashionista created the gorgeous surroundings with findings from all over. Everywhere from Home Goods to, of course-Anthropologie.

The changing table area is not quite finished-maternity and infant photos will likely fill the perfect frame above little Breck’s head.

Mimi made his diaper holder- and recovered the hanger with one of the beautiful fabrics from the room’s decor.

Turn just to the right and picture a beaming new mommy nursing her tiny precious gift

No detail spared in this nursery

Mimi created all but the brown shade just for Breck’s nursery (Home Goods rocked the brown one!)

I just love the crib area and the beam of light shining in

Did I mention Mimi made all the bedding, too?

She’s not excited in the least to meet her new grandson. *wink*
The crib was full of beautiful pillows and stuffed animals, each texture and color just perfect for the room. Most lovingly made by Mimi.

Fashionista says they will all have to live in the rocking chair she had as an infant when Little Breck comes home.

I’m not exactly sure where she thinks they will go!
So many lovely little lovies.

He may be my fave.
And now you can see my mobile’s permanent home.
Much better than above my dining room table, I suppose.

Though I’m not sure it matches the caliber of the rest of the decor, Fashionista likes it- and (we think) baby Breck will, too.

Even the nursery guard dog, Rudy agrees.
Have you seen a more amazingly perfect nursery?
What a lucky little boy, Mr Breck.
Be sure to stop by and tell his Mama how much you love her nursery, too!

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