Understanding the Importance of Surrogacy

For some people, surrogacy is not an easy concept due to the influence of organized or their own belief. However, it is important for people to get educated as to exactly what surrogacy is and its importance before they make a decision. Discussing the difficulties or hardships of surrogacy should also not be overlooked. Surrogacy agencies, like Egg Donor and Surrogacy Institute has a psychological test too before proceeding. Why do couples resort to surrogacy? What are the pull and push factors to it? Understanding the importance of surrogacy is the first to demystify it. 

Types of surrogacy that you need to know

Surrogacy can take many forms and the one that is selected can greatly influence how the entire the process would look like. The available options are as follows:

Gestational surrogacy

Here, the surrogate has no relation with the child in her womb. It is actually the most common kind. The surrogate mother is referred to as a gestational carrier.

Traditional surrogacy

In this type, a surrogate mother uses her egg but is artificially inseminated with the sperm of the intended father/ donor. After birth, the biological mother relinquishes all parental rights over the child.

Commercial surrogacy

This is a type of surrogacy arrangement whereby the surrogate mother gets compensated for services that exceed just the medical ones. It is a very controversial type of surrogacy.

Altruistic surrogacy

The term refers to surrogacy where a surrogate is not compensated financially for her services. The only expenses that are reimbursed are medical costs and others that are pregnancy-related.

Other types of surrogacy are independent/ private surrogacy, international surrogacy and gay surrogacy. This means that there are several options to explore for anyone who has a strong desire to have a family.

Understanding the Importance of Surrogacy

There are several reasons why many couples all over the globe rely on surrogacy, the main ones include the following:

  •  Illness/ hysterectomy – Women who have suffered an illness or undergone hysterectomy may not be able to carry a child.
  •  Required medications – There are women who are required to be on certain medications, which can affect the growth of a fetus.
  •  Age – Some women are at an age where safely carrying a fetus is not possible hence they result in surrogacy.
  •  Life-threatening situations – A woman might be experiencing a situation that is life-threatening or a physician can advise that carrying a pregnancy might be life-threatening.
  • Unexplained infertility – There are some cases of unexplained infertility whereby a woman has unsuccessfully attempted four IVF cycles that have good embryos.
  •  Same sex couples – Same sex couples require surrogacy services in order to have a family.
  •  Fibroids inside the uterus – It is possible for fibroids to be removed but there is a high probability of them growing back.

The reasons listed above with regard to the understanding of the importance of surrogacy are not exhaustive as there are many more.

Surrogacy is just an extraordinary experience but ones that is deeply rewarding to all parties that are involved. It mostly involves same-sex couples, single parents that desire to raise a family and those who have struggled with the challenge of infertility for many years. The basic desire is to add to a family. Surrogacy is very important and all the reasons that have been outlined clearly show this.


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