Gauchos or Wide Leg Crops?
My closet is very full. Like ridiculously full.
Last year I did a 30 for 30 challenge with Kendi to try to fall back in love with my closet.

The thing is, I probably have hundreds of pieces of clothing that I just can’t seem to get rid of when I go through it every few months.

So now I’m trying a new challenge- I’m challenging myself to pull out some old pieces, things I haven’t worn in years…literally, and put these clothes to good use again.

I’m hoping you will tell me if they should stay in my closet or find their way to someone else’s.

First stop in the back of the closet- these lovelies..or are they?


Gouchos? Wide Leg Crop pants? Bermudas?


Whatever you want to call them, these brown Ann Taylor Loft bottoms have been in my closet since I started staying home with Madison over 5 years ago.


I always thought they looked weird on me, but gave them another go today.
I think I dig ’em now.


Maybe it’s the sassy shoes.

Same shoes, different day.

Or maybe the curls and sassy red lipstick?
Can someone tell me how to keep my lipstick from spidering out from my aging lips, please?

{emerald green ruffle top – NY & Co, brown pants – Ann Taylor Loft, Fabulous shoes -Charlotte Russe, new lip gloss- Revlon Fire} 

So? Pants- Keep? Donate? What’s your vote?



Cherish said…

Keep! I’m not usually a fan of brown or wide leg pants, but that entire outfit looks great on you!

PS The shoes are fabulous!!!

Mrs. Stiles said…

I vote you keep them!

I agree with Cherish – love the shoes!

Diane said…

Keep them they look great on you. The shoes are GREAT!!!

Jason and Kate said…

They look fabulous! I have a pair if brown gauchos but I just look weird (okay bigger than I’m wanting). But yours are the perfect length. Mine are Capri length and look just plain weird. So I say keep yours and I’m throwing mine out. 🙂

Laura Bridges said…

Love ’em, especially with those shoes!

Anonymous said…

The shoes are great. But the pants might serve back staying in the back of your closet. They don’t flatter — and you look AWESOME in other pants. So it’s not you. It’s them. 😉
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