Lovely Nightstand

You’ve seen my master bedroom- well, the good part of it .
 I finally got up the nerve to start refinishing the furniture.
This was my very first set of brand new, furniture store furniture, purchased as an adult-12 years ago. I’m sure I spent waaaayyy too much, but it’s real wood- and it moved all the way from Georgia to California in the back of a Uhaul with my dad and I taking turns at the wheel 8 years ago- so…blah, blah, blah-
let’s get to the good stuff.
It started off as this:
 Then about a few months ago I decided it would be fun to paint the brushed silver knobs with Krylon’s Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint.
 Much more my current style- but this was just the beginning.
 I could not for the life of me decide on a color for these nightstands, so they stayed like this for 2 months or so.
(nice hand weights that never get used under the stand and junk all over the top- keeping it real here, folks)
Then inspiration struck in the form of a blog I failed to bookmark. (was it yours? tell me so I can credit you!)
Krylon’s sunny yellow Bright Idea spray paint on a side table.
 After trying to lightly sand, and paint without priming in an effort to beat the wind, I was completely dissatisfied with my less than lovely attempt.
So, back to square one- stripped the whole piece down to bare wood, primed properly with Valspar white spray primer, then finished with 3 coats of lovely Krylon Bright Idea.
 I’m pretty much in love
 It’s just the bright fun color we needed in the room- not that the turquoise headboard wasn’t enough
It totally picks up the gold and yellow in this fun Target clearance pillow from our bed.
 Mostly it just makes me happy to have a more ‘me’ piece of furniture in our master bedroom.
 It’s bright and cheery- and it makes me happy.
Here’s another side by side. Before-ish/After
 So much better- next- tackling Breadwinner’s for a matching pair!

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