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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Revlon. All opinions are 100% mine.

As the girls got older, I thought my ‘getting ready for the day’ habits would change. No more quickly showering while a toddler and infant are distracted with cartoons. No more wet pony tails, swipe of mascara and smudge of foundation as I rush out the door with a diaper bag and more clothing changes than each girl needed for a week (just in case). I couldn’t be farther from wrong. Madison starting public school this year (1st grade already!) means earlier mornings, and mornings are not my friend. Less time doesn’t have to mean less effort. I’ve come to learn, a few quick tricks make a world of difference in how I feel throughout my day.
I’ve never been very adventuresome with makeup, but I love the way I feel with a little glammed up look. Revlon Expression Experiment is helping empower women by giving them the tools for fabulous looks to build confidence.

Revlon sent me a box of goodies- a Revlon Expression Experiment kit- to see for myself the power of their Colorstay makeup.

This Colorstay eye shadow in the kit is fantastic. While the colors scared me at first- far different from my usual nuetrals, the step by step graphic on the back just what I needed to give the new colors a shot.

Paired with a black liner as pictured, this Inspire look felt so bold to me at first. Then I asked my husband to take a few photos for me and his jaw dropped. He said he loved the look and the way it pulled out the color of my eyes.

It’s pretty clear I’m no makeup expert-the shadow doesn’t match eye to eye- but I’m more confident with perfecting this new look each time I try.

And the lipstick, Revlon’s Colorburst Fire (018)…

Colorburst is right! This is the best shade of red lipstick and the only gloss I’ve found that truly stays in place With this simple kit and a few minutes of application, I felt transformed.

I encourage you to join the movement of self expression with Revlon Expression Experiment on Facebook. Click over for monthly challenges to help you break out of your comfort zone and find your new expression. This month it’s a daring nail polish challenge!

As the girls continue to grow up, my morning routine will continue to change, I’m sure…but with Revlon, I’m finding it easy to find new ways to express myself.

What is your favorite way to express yourself with makeup?

Have you tried Revlon’s amazing ColorStay products?

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